Why I do it

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. -Muriel Rukeyser

We all live in stories. Whether from our families, our cultures, or even ourselves, the stories we are told are constantly framing our experiences, as well as how we view the people and the world around us. My work stems from my fascination with the ways we internalize these stories and how they continue to shape us.

My approach has ranged from drawing, painting, and printing evocative archetypal images, reminiscent of children’s stories and fables, to working with narrative more literally, altering books or creating prints that incorporate interwoven text from nursery rhymes and contemporary news articles.

I have also produced work in public spaces, starting with guerilla-style, serial stories of my own on the sidewalks of San Francisco, and graduating to community-based murals and multimedia projects that invited participants from around the globe to share their own stories and experiences with each other.

Though I have ventured into this broad range of media over the years, my goal is always the same: to create work that inspires viewers to bring their own internal narratives to light.

I believe when we become more aware of these stories, we can also take a greater part in consciously choosing and shaping them, affecting both ourselves and our world.