The view

My daughter went back to in-person school this week, which was both exciting and annoying.

Exciting for obvious reasons, and especially because she’s happy about it, and annoying because the school day is five hours long and my commute is two hours total per day, so it actually adds up to a harder time for me.

But I am happy for her, and by hook or by crook (what a great and nutty phrase!), I have been hanging on to my studio time, including when I just made it in right now.

So here’s a quick view from the studio at this moment.

This is right by the door, including a call from Adrienne Rich to “resist the void.”

And here I am sitting and considering my next steps.

I don’t know if things are also changing for you right now, in this odd way that’s both positive and like the earth shifting under your feet, but wherever you are, I hope you too are able to continue to ride it out and keep your balance.

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