Mind at rest

I am incredibly grateful this week: I have been able to get back into the studio on a regular basis. It is still a pretty small amount, only about an hour, but it is every day, and it feels wonderful!

I have also decided to try to take my own advice from my previous post and keep things “simple, portable, and doable” in terms of my blog going forward. With that in mind I’ll now be doing some posts with more images and fewer words, just giving an ongoing view from the studio.

Here is a quote that hangs near my main easel and that always makes me smile.

And below is the tiny area of a piece that I thought was finished a few years ago, but that I wound up altering this week.

Those red concentric circles needed to step back a bit, get darker, so they weren’t visually distracting from the main characters. And now my mind is, like Bonnard’s, “at rest.”

I hope you too are able to identify and accomplish some of those small adjustments that can bring you an increase in peace this week. I feel pretty sure we can all use more of that!

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A fresh eye – Tallpainterreply
April 10, 2021 at 5:44 pm

[…] remember that quote I have in the studio about Bonnard sneaking in to make the tiny changes to his piece? I can guarantee you that happened […]

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