The simple job

The new people have arrived!


This group of new laser cut silhouettes includes my father, my daughter, one of my nieces, Lincoln, Syrian refugees, Hitler, and orthodox Jewish boys in NY in the 1920s, etc.


Besides wood, I also got two different types of paper, vellum, and this white panel cut into silhouettes.


If those look a little blurry it’s just the burns on the edges, which I love.

I also got some new adhesive to attach paper to this wood panel.


Have I mentioned that it’s a major pain getting paper glued onto a panel in an archival way that doesn’t cause the paper to buckle or eventually yellow, etc.? If not, now you know.

So this simple image is kind of a big victory for me. I now have a functional way to do this gluing on a larger scale.

Once that was accomplished, I started playing around with all the new materials.




It’s wonderful having all of these things ready, so now I just have to create something mind-blowingly beautiful that unites my country and ushers us all into an era of equality and peace. Ha.

While I’m waiting for that to happen, I’ll do the simpler job of showing up, doing the work in front of me step by step, and being the best self I can muster in each moment. For now, that will have to do.

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