I am sad and tired. And I admit it, it’s my own fault.

It’s because I decided I deserved to get into an exhibition I entered, with hundreds of artists vying for just a few spots, and then of course I didn’t happen to get in.

I try my best to never fall into this trap, but sometimes it still sneaks up on me. Expectations. “I worked so hard and I finished these three pieces in time, so they should include them.” Sigh.

I found guidance in a (possibly) surprising place, a book called the Tao of Willie. I’ve always been kind of indifferent to Willie Nelson, but I have to say, this book of his is funny and inspired.

I enjoyed reading about his challenges with trying and failing to fit in the Nashville music industry, and especially appreciated his sharing this phrase he came to find handy once he was successfully touring: Fortunately, we are not in control.

Having your job involve traveling with buses, a bunch of other people, and assorted equipment to venues where you then have to deal with their staff and their equipment: yes, I could see why that phrase might come in handy.

And also this: “A sense of humor will often get you through hard times better than good times will get you through no sense of humor.”

Once I had my head on straight and humor back in place, I got down to a whole lot of work. First finishing the rest of the backgrounds, including this tricky one.


I couldn’t figure out what was needed and then realized…turn it sideways!


The girls running immediately made sense, and this is now in its final stages.

Then I tackled the rest of Commence, four little and one medium, and the little ones have all got their camouflage people and I’m starting to work out their lead characters. I was struggling with a couple of them and realized they, too, needed to turn sideways. Eureka!





Finally, I got to do one of my favorite parts: take off the tape that masks off the canvas on the sides.





So satisfying.

But this week, here’s to getting a friendly reminder to let things happen. Fortunately, we are not in control.


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A. David Griffinreply
May 21, 2016 at 5:05 am

How poignant this read was for me. Rarely in life do I suspect we sit still long enough to connect with those destined to be looking at the same point of horizon as another. Thank you

I never saw the camouflaged figures before. Incredible.

May 21, 2016 at 10:00 pm
– In reply to: A. David Griffin

Thanks so much! Really appreciate your feedback, and very glad to be sharing the “view” with you.

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