The storm

We are still out of town, and a question keeps coming up to me on this trip that seems appropriate to the season.

When something new is growing in your life and you’re feeling some discomfort, or fear, how do you know when that is a sign to turn around versus a sign to keep going?

As I pondered this today, this happened.


Oh, the storms of the East Coast. I do miss them.

The storm is beautiful but it also makes you want to run for shelter. To view it from a safe distance.


And then, as we all know, the storm is necessary: the pressure is released and the rain brings growth.


I felt such joy at this storm, and it immediately resonated with the underlying feeling I have about the handful of changes I am returning home to – changes in my work schedule, in my husband’s work, and (a bit later) in my daughter’s school.

So joy. Of course! Joy is how you know when to keep going through the storm. And if you can’t find that joy, then listen to the fear and turn the ship around.

This is one of those that is so simple, and yet so easy for me to forget. I was glad to remember it today. And thank you, storm!


No fooling.

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