The same boat

This week I spent some time trying to figure out why I was unhappy with these new panels and realized the thread needs to be brighter. That was a nice excuse to pop into Mendel’s and get some new thread. I was surprised at how few bright colors they had, but wound up eventually finding these neon colors. Hooray!

I experimented with them a bit, and finally landed on this combination: doubling it up and mixing two colors together:

Not sure if you can see it at this size, but they make a really nice, resonant color. I guess I’ve always been so against ever using straight-from-the-tube paint colors, I had to mix my thread colors too.

And then I went back to my acrylic backgrounds and put on this red that is both acrylic paint and very much straight from the tube. Double blasphemy!

Finally, it was time to stretch and have tea. As I went to sit on the floor, I accidentally took this shot and the textures were so nice I decided to share.

With the holiday weekend, my daughter has been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. again at school and is trying to comprehend the idea of people being treated differently because of their skin color.

I’ve found myself not exposing her to the words black and white yet, first instinctively and then purposefully, and I am thankful that although she got a bit of that language at school this year, it didn’t stick. So she still just thinks in terms of people with darker and lighter skin.

Hilariously, as she attempted to understand how things worked back in Dr. King’s time, she innocently commented, “Mama, it would be so weird! You would have to sit in the back of the bus and I would have to sit in the front!” (Although no one can really see my little bit of African heritage, she is aware that she has much lighter skin than I do.)

So, yes, she doesn’t really understand what we’re talking about, but I actually think she captured the stupidity of the situation quite well.

And for now, I like continuing to live with her in a world where all those labels don’t exist yet. And all their baggage. Sometimes I feel like I can get a tiny glimpse of what it would be like if we could start fresh. And it reminds me anew how important words are, especially for our children, but also for all the rest of us.

So happy birthday to Martin Luther King Jr., born 87 years ago today. He had so many important words for us, didn’t he? Today I’ll stick with these simple ones that always make me laugh:

We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.

Here’s to being in the same boat, and here’s to realizing anew how important our words are, the ones we use for ourselves and the ones we use with each other. I really do believe they can change everything.

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