Holy moly

I experienced a little bit of magic this week when I connected with an unexpected new friend: a reverend in South Carolina.

He has written a book that is about to be published and contacted me about using one of my pieces for the cover. When we discussed it, I was astonished to discover that many of the themes and challenges that are of utmost importance to me in my work are exactly the same for him in his own calling.

For example, we are both very concerned with the important role narrative has in shaping the world at large; we are both trying hard to work from a place of intuition and imagination (listening) versus intellect (asserting).

I could go on, but you get the idea, and what’s most important is how inspiring it was to connect. It gave me so much energy.

It also underlined my intention, not just personally but professionally, to focus my energy where I feel the most connection, instead of with an eye to gaining status or some other ego-serving junk food.

Speaking of connection, I was also sick this week, and struggling with that was a great reminder that some of my most important work has no visible results.

Sometimes you just need to sit down, shut up, and take it slow. Or at least I need to! I admit that although I know this, I still often feel guilty about it.

Anyway, getting sick was not particularly convenient (when is it ever?) but I took my illness’s invitation to take a step back and found it to be a valuable reminder that just when you have the most external pressures to get things done, that’s exactly when you benefit most from making some time to do nothing.

So this week, with the end of the year bearing down on us, here’s to finding a little time to be beautifully unproductive. And may it be illness-free for you!

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