This week I continued with the new paintings, working with this pink layer.

So each painting went from something like this:

To this:

Here are a few more in progress:

I am trying to find that wow factor in the background, the visual fireworks that makes your brain shut up.

I feel like slowly layering these colors is also good practice at the listening I am trying to do with regard to the issues with my daughter’s school, where we are struggling with the sense that it may not be a fit for her and what to do about it.

When challenges like this come up, it is tempting, at least for me, to feel that someone has done something wrong, especially me. But for whatever combination of reasons this time I am finding it easier to just pay attention to what is happening and, just as in the studio, take it one step at a time, gathering information, listening to my intuition, and trusting that this tangle is exactly where we are supposed to be. And that we will get where we need to go, one way or the other.

There is nothing wrong with difficulty. It is not a punishment. It is just letting you know something meaningful is happening and it is time to really pay attention. That is what I have finally digested. At least for the moment!

So here I am, paying attention. And happy Halloween everyone! I wish you lots of wow!

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