The flexible rule

There were a lot of changes this week, and as often happens, many that I thought might be difficult have actually turned out to be wonderful.

First, my daughter started kindergarten, which meant a bit of a schedule shift. Earlier. Bleh.

But it turns out it is much easier to get her moving (and get me moving) when my husband is around, which is possible with this earlier timing.

(Here are drawings my daughter did of me and my husband. That’s almost exactly what my hair looks like in the morning. And his hair.)


I also got notice this past Monday that my gym was closing, effective almost immediately. After my initial irritation at dealing with another change this week, I realized that instead of having to occasionally see people pee in the street or conduct a not so subtle drug deal while I run on a treadmill, after dropping my daughter off at her new school I can run here:


So I did, and wow, is it nice to get back to running outside! My previous gym arrangement happened because of a combination of limited time and commute, and boy, was it a slog, I now realize.

Speaking of slog, I am still moving these little people around.  But it turns out my earlier schedule means a bigger chunk of work time before lunch, and that time is really the best creative time since it carries almost no stress about the impending end of the day.

So I’m feeling more at ease in the studio. Even if I can’t figure out what needs to happen for this #$%#&!!! piece to click.


Once it’s not quite so bright and early in the morning for my neighbors, I stop moving people and start hammering in the golden nails.

After working on a few of the panels, I realized I need to remember one of my studio rules about taking the time to get the right tool (instead of using the wrong tools and hating on myself for not being able to magically do the task anyway – sigh).

And I was so excited when I found this flexible ruler that will allow me to give the nails precise spacing along a curve or in a circle.

imageHere it is in action:

imageIt’s exactly what I needed, and I had no idea it existed.

So this week, here’s to the flexible rule, both my new studio tool and also just remembering what unexpected gifts change can bring. Bend!

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August 28, 2015 at 6:30 pm

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