That confounded bridge

I’m keeping it short this week, as I am happy to have both a preschooler who graduated today (mine) and a soon-to-be college freshman (my sister’s) at the house, ready for a much-anticipated sleepover.

Sitting with these two who have each recently crossed an important threshold, it seems perfect that I too feel like I crossed over into confidence with my Cluster series and now it is all feeling easy.

I completed ten pieces this week, and the final five are well on their way. Here are some of my new favorites:

Sometimes I hate transitions. They can be so uncomfortable. But there is not much better than getting to the other side. Whether you’re 5 or 17 or 43…or any age. And not just because of the relief but because you’re always stronger in some way by the time you get there.

So this week, here’s to making it through your transition, and to finding friends of whatever age to keep you company along the way!

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