I had so many wonderful plans for this week. I have four beautiful clean, white canvases waiting for me in the studio. I have twelve drawings awaiting the final “image” phase. I had notes on exhibition entries due this week.

But my daughter got a bad cold and so all of that went right out the window. I did manage to reshoot these pieces for an exhibition.

03jennifer_maria_harris_All In 5

But otherwise, unless there’s an art to wiping boogers, I wasn’t doing much creative work.

When these unexpected things happen and derail my plans, I try reminding myself it is an invitation to let go of the illusion of control. (I also make sure not to ever say this to someone else who is having a “surprise, you don’t get to do what you want” time, because really, who wouldn’t be pretty annoyed at that?)

That does help a bit, but what is most helpful is actually something I’ve learned over the years as a runner: if you run uphill for a while, when you make it back to flat land, it is like you are a superhero. That sudden lack of resistance is magic.

The same is true for me creatively. Having times where I have to stop for a while makes me chomp at the bit, and once I have time again, it’s like everything comes more easily.

So for this week, here’s to running into that “no.” And especially here’s to how amazing it feels on the other side.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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