Found #5

Yesterday I was helping out over at Root Division, an amazing arts organization who is having to move due to crazy rent increases (I think it was something like 250% in their case).

Anyway, I was boxing up frames in a spot with a good bit of trash around, and I suddenly saw this on the floor.


Note the date.

When I was done helping them pack, I left the gallery and discovered this on the sidewalk next to the rack where my bike should have been:


After walking home, I stopped into our small local grocery and found this sitting on the candy rack.


It felt to me like these three things together should mean something. Something about loss and perspective and maybe value? Something about racks?

I will leave it to you to create your own interpretation, or none, but I felt these discoveries and my enjoyment of trying to derive meaning from them to be such a funny parallel to my own creative process, I thought they should be featured as my found art piece for this week:

Found #5, mixed media, created by Chance.

And here’s hoping you get to make the most out of what life has to offer-and also out of what it takes away.

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