Found #1

I won’t lie. Sometimes I really do get caught up in the post dot com San Francisco angst and complain about missing the good old days (which for me means 20 years ago).

  • I miss when our Safeway sign was broken for what seemed like two years and just said, “Sway.”
  • I miss the impromptu yet frequent parades of people playing instruments or nuns on roller skates.
  • I miss all the alternative art and theater spaces, the live/work warehouses, the music studios.
  • I also miss being in my 20s and having fewer responsibilities. (Though not much else about being in my 20s!)

It is so easy, isn’t it, to think there is something better either in the past or just somewhere else? To think there is a place or a time that makes your own spontaneity, creativity, warmth, and connection happen.

But being in my 40s, one thing I have learned is that place isn’t a geographic one. Or even a temporal one. It is a constant choice.

So I’ve decided to add a feature to my blog, posting an image and/or description of art that I find on the streets of San Francisco.

Today I found this series of signs someone hung on trees in one of the more rundown parts of the city (one of the few that’s left) on Market Street between Sixth and Seventh. The signs give multiple facts about swallowtail butterflies and how they use the trees there as a habitat.




I felt very lucky to find such a relevant piece to feature for my first find.

Here’s to finding that place, and whatever it takes you to get there!


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