The scoop

I broke down and got some new brushes this week. In case you can’t tell, these brushes are teensy tiny and have an enlarged grip, which is great news for big-handed me.

I don’t know why I am sometimes slow to just get the correct tool for the job and persist in thinking I am somehow at fault for not being able to do a sharp job with a blunt instrument, but it is something I am trying to at least correct more quickly.

On the other hand, I have a friend who is a good bit older than I am, and who was telling me the other day about the importance of accepting yourself as you are.

Apparently she used to get frustrated that she just could not use a hammer. She tried and tried, but it just resulted in more chips in the wall and hurt thumbs. Finally one day, in exasperation, she used an ice cream scoop instead.

And the nail went in perfectly.

So does this mean I should just accept that I like to use incorrect tools? I do like a challenge after all. But I think the main message I got was that the “right” tool is a relative term. And like everything else in life, it is good to be open to the unexpected. But I do not plan to be painting with an ice cream scoop any time soon!

Here’s a guy I was working on with my tiny brushes, who seems ready for the weather we’re currently having.


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