As expected

20140103-162545.jpgOver the past couple of weeks I lost some studio time to holiday and New Year activities, some planned and some not, and it reminded me that the heart of the New Year to me is all about realigning my expectations: my expectations of myself, of the people I love, and of my work. To get behind the wheel of my expectations, rather than having them run away with me.

In the studio, a piece I have been working on that was four small square canvases in a horizontal line kept giving me trouble. I finally realized I just needed to realign the canvases, making a square instead of a line, and everything started to fall into place.

So I am trying to apply this lesson to my life, as well:  If it just isn’t working, find the bottom line, change the expectation, and start again from there.

Happy New Year, everyone! May it exceed your expectations.

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