Invisible writing

This piece has made me craaaaazy but, as tends to happen, now I like it better for how difficult it was. Not just because of the difficulty, but because the ones with more struggle do a good job of getting my ego out of the way and I wind up happily surprised by the result. In the end, that is. The during part is relatively excruciating.

Also, on including words in my paintings? I am no Ed Ruscha and I will be channeling that desire into my usual habit of painting almost invisible letters and messages into my work. That way it’s there, but it doesn’t distract from the painting itself. It is far too easy for words to take over and turn the work into a kind of glorified greeting card. But you will see in one of the process shots here a point where some of the red letters were visible, just before they got covered up. This piece also includes A’s, Z’s, and a couple of sentences. But again, those all range from invisible to almost undetectable.









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