Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

I finally got my frozen rhubarb in the mail today!

Actually, it was my Plywerk panels – not as good in pie but perfect for my new Wood & Water letterpress prints.

I found this company when I was searching for some kind of sustainable panels to use that I was hoping would also be reasonably priced and made in the USA. I was happily surprised to discover that such panels existed, made by Plywerk, who met all of those requirements and also, inexplicably, had a picture of kohlrabi on their website, a root vegetable my mother used to grow but that is pretty uncommon here in the States.

Besides their awareness of rare vegetables, they have been really pleasant and professional to deal with, so if you have a deep need for some bamboo or maple panels made by happy people with healthcare in Portland, I suggest looking them up.






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