Why I do it

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. -Muriel Rukeyser

It’s surprising how often people don’t know what story they’re living by. Myself included. My work arises from my relentless fascination with the ways we relate to the stories in our lives and how they influence our personal and cultural identity.

One of the first places we learn to define our selves and our worlds is in childhood stories, both the ones from books and the ones we are told by our families, our cultures, and our society.

drawing I did when I was 4

In my paintings, I create characters in symbolic, narrative environments suggestive of these children’s stories. My most recent series of paintings, Passage, and my letterpress print series, Wood & Water, both integrate images of hands, feet, boats, trains, and leaves to depict times of change and transformation, that space between here and there, and invite their interpretation.

My print series, Primer, deals with narrative more literally, layering text from nursery rhymes and contemporary news articles to reveal common themes and questions running through these two very disparate forms of storytelling.

And in my public art and community work, I enjoy sharing parts of my own story, as well as inviting other people to reveal their own.

In all of my work I aim to create images that will inspire viewers to bring their own continuous, and sometimes concealed, internal narratives to light.