Artists I know (or just admire):

Javier Chalini

Beautiful and complex metal etchings.

Francesco Clemente

One of my first inspirations as a painter.

Antony Gormley

Sculpture and installations that deal with being in the body.

Martha Sue Harris

Sculpture and drawings that will make you see the plant world differently.

Jenny Holzer

Lights, words, action.

Julia L. Kay

Daily self-portraits, among other wonderful things.

Barbara Koenen

Powerful and political work.

Grant Marcoux

Beautiful hand-forged knives and sculpture.

Hadley Northrop

Colorful oil paintings with one part beautiful and two parts nostalgia.

Faith Ringgold

Another early inspiration, a little bit of everything.

Anna Deavere Smith

Simply astonishing theater (for lack of a better term) work.