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Starting now

It’s a strange world. As I continued to gather photos this week, I was reminded that better minds than mine have tried to understand it. They’ve made some progress too. From Tagore (above): To be outspoken is easy when you do not wait to speak the complete truth. And also: Faith is the bird that… read more

The monster

I was really excited as this week started. I picked up some smaller trays for the extra wooden silhouettes, and it felt like my “palette” of people was together. I worked on some more of the backgrounds. And started throwing people around on them. My daughter and I found this great floor mat in a… read more

What the ship is for

Heavy-duty canvas should always be stored in a roll. I of course completely ignored this rule and stored mine all folded up in the top of the closet. That means I got to spend a day or so trying to get it unwrinkled this week. I really wasn’t sure it was going to work. Here’s… read more

Things hold

First, let me start by saying that everyone in my family is currently perfectly healthy. However, last week I had a mammogram that came up with some suspicious findings. I have a serious family history of breast cancer, so it’s a little extra interesting when that happens. Then my husband’s grandfather died and he suddenly… read more

The words again

I wasn’t doing much that’s interesting to look at this week, but while creating tons of silhouettes and converting them into vector art in Illustrator, I had the opportunity to listen to the entirety of a podcast Elizabeth Gilbert did last year, Magic Lessons, in which she coaches people through different creative challenges and discusses… read more

Education and experience

I have been tied up with some challenges with my daughter’s school, and right now don’t feel capable of much writing besides, “Waaah,” or maybe “f*** this!” Not necessarily in that order. But I will spare you, and myself, and instead focus on what I have been getting done. I am really enjoying working on… read more

Race you

Yesterday I didn’t feel up to being very vertical, thanks to a cold, so I spent a number of hours lying down, creating outlines of silhouettes and batching them in Illustrator, so I can create lots more little laser-cut people for my latest mixed media series. So today I am typing this while intermittently using… read more

Sore thumbs

This week I took on building ten new stretchers (wooden frames for stretching canvas). The stretcher bars were given to me a number of years ago by my good friend David Friedheim, a talented sculptor, who was passing them on from his friend, SF painter Julia Kay, who I believe was in the process of… read more