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The single candle

Are you in search of a sonically damaging drawing experience? I have the perfect materials for you! This week I embarked on testing surfaces for my new Cultivate pieces. They’re currently on paper, and I’d like to get them on something more like a panel in future. Besides eliminating the need for costly framing, I’m… read more

Even better

What’s even better than my letter from the President? A letter from a friend. This lovely envelope is from Mike Dyar, a mail artist who creates entirely in the realm of correspondence. I’ve greatly enjoyed exchanging mail with him over the last…wow, eight years. This piece from Mike was very welcome in a week when… read more

Just thanks

I’ve been lucky enough to have a nice long weekend with friends and family this week, but before the time off I had fun doing some painting and then a bit less fun doing this: Basically moving little people around and trying to see which configuration resonates. I also dropped off work for an exhibition… read more


I finished the mural this week! Each day was hard, with lots of uncertainties and muscle strain, but each day was also wonderful. I can’t think of much that is better than finding a challenge that scares you and taking it on. As I was working this week I wasn’t sure why I kept finding… read more

What you don’t know

I got many reminders this week of how uncomfortable it can be not knowing: from not knowing why someone is being rude to not knowing when the next train is coming. And on a far more personal level, not knowing whether my mother is safe, since she wound up in and out of the hospital… read more

Sore thumbs

This week I took on building ten new stretchers (wooden frames for stretching canvas). The stretcher bars were given to me a number of years ago by my good friend David Friedheim, a talented sculptor, who was passing them on from his friend, SF painter Julia Kay, who I believe was in the process of… read more