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I was so envious this week! I was looking at work from a couple who are both artists (and who are friends of friends of mine) and it was making me crazy. It was the first time I had really checked out what they were doing, but if you’re in the Bay Area, you’ve probably… read more

The single candle

Are you in search of a sonically damaging drawing experience? I have the perfect materials for you! This week I embarked on testing surfaces for my new Cultivate pieces. They’re currently on paper, and I’d like to get them on something more like a panel in future. Besides eliminating the need for costly framing, I’m… read more

Education and experience

I have been tied up with some challenges with my daughter’s school, and right now don’t feel capable of much writing besides, “Waaah,” or maybe “f*** this!” Not necessarily in that order. But I will spare you, and myself, and instead focus on what I have been getting done. I am really enjoying working on… read more

Flattery will get you

Toward the end of high school my art teacher once said I reminded her of Georgia O’Keeffe. Inundated in the O’Keeffe flower calendars of the 80s, I wasn’t particularly flattered by this. (I had a similar calendar-based prejudice against Van Gogh until I saw his work in person, where it is undeniably stunning. It really… read more