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Little by little

I’m very happy to announce that three of my Cultivate pieces will be featured in the upcoming exhibition String Theories at Field Projects Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Curated by Charlotte Mouquin, director of Rush Arts Gallery, String Theories “examines the vibrational strings that connect humanness, cultural identities, relationships with nature, industrialization, and the subconscious.” The… read more

The delicious burdens

Phew. My new series is done, and I even found a title for it: Fathom. Have I mentioned how much I haaaate creating arty talk to go with my work, i.e., an artist statement? Oh, yes, I have. But it is a necessary evil, so here for your amusement (and hopefully a little insight into… read more

Even better

What’s even better than my letter from the President? A letter from a friend. This lovely envelope is from Mike Dyar, a mail artist who creates entirely in the realm of correspondence. I’ve greatly enjoyed exchanging mail with him over the last…wow, eight years. This piece from Mike was very welcome in a week when… read more

The big phony

I recently had a studio visit with a woman who has been collecting my work for years. She is also one of the better people I have had the good luck to meet in this world. So there was no obvious reason for me to feel the need to be anything but myself with her…. read more

Race you

Yesterday I didn’t feel up to being very vertical, thanks to a cold, so I spent a number of hours lying down, creating outlines of silhouettes and batching them in Illustrator, so I can create lots more little laser-cut people for my latest mixed media series. So today I am typing this while intermittently using… read more