Archive: Dec 2016

The opposition

I took a bit of a detour from all the little wooden silhouettes I’ve been working with and made some minor changes to a bunch of oil paintings this week, some pretty old and some from the past year or two. I had pulled out some pieces for a studio visit last week and afterwards… read more


I was so envious this week! I was looking at work from a couple who are both artists (and who are friends of friends of mine) and it was making me crazy. It was the first time I had really checked out what they were doing, but if you’re in the Bay Area, you’ve probably… read more

The simple job

The new people have arrived! This group of new laser cut silhouettes includes my father, my daughter, one of my nieces, Lincoln, Syrian refugees, Hitler, and orthodox Jewish boys in NY in the 1920s, etc. Besides wood, I also got two different types of paper, vellum, and this white panel cut into silhouettes. If those… read more