Archive: Sep 2016

Easy chairs

This past Monday I finally got the last of the furniture I was selling out of my studio. The last items were two arm chairs that had been blocking that big doorway there in my painting area for over three weeks. Once they were gone, I was surprised to find that I missed them. I… read more

The single candle

Are you in search of a sonically damaging drawing experience? I have the perfect materials for you! This week I embarked on testing surfaces for my new Cultivate pieces. They’re currently on paper, and I’d like to get them on something more like a panel in future. Besides eliminating the need for costly framing, I’m… read more

The wrench

I continued at my snail’s pace in the studio this week, experimenting a bit with the new backgrounds. If you look at this one a little closer, you can see one of the new things I’m doing: using the tape silhouettes to mask off areas. And speaking of snails, I discovered my ignorance when I… read more

Not fast

Restriction. Pressure. Those words sound so negative. But if you’re pushing against something and suddenly take that thing away…well, we all know what happens. I didn’t fall on my face, but a release of life pressures recently, combined with other transitions, left me in a bit of a free fall. Disoriented. I was questioning what… read more