Archive: Jul 2016

The delicious burdens

Phew. My new series is done, and I even found a title for it: Fathom. Have I mentioned how much I haaaate creating arty talk to go with my work, i.e., an artist statement? Oh, yes, I have. But it is a necessary evil, so here for your amusement (and hopefully a little insight into… read more

What the ship is for

Heavy-duty canvas should always be stored in a roll. I of course completely ignored this rule and stored mine all folded up in the top of the closet. That means I got to spend a day or so trying to get it unwrinkled this week. I really wasn’t sure it was going to work. Here’s… read more

Things hold

First, let me start by saying that everyone in my family is currently perfectly healthy. However, last week I had a mammogram that came up with some suspicious findings. I have a serious family history of breast cancer, so it’s a little extra interesting when that happens. Then my husband’s grandfather died and he suddenly… read more

The group

I felt like I was moving very slowly this week, struggling with the thread for the panels. It went something like this. How about just pink? (This is actually a neon color.) Not enough…maybe with orange? Better. Maybe add more colors? Green? Red? Too much. It’s getting distracting. Back to just pink and orange, with… read more