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Last week I was really struggling with the background people for this piece. It felt so close! But when I went back to it this week, it still wasn’t right, and having tried every possible partner for this woman I loved in the foreground, I had to admit none of them were working, which meant… read more

Not perfect

Last week I didn’t post because I finally remembered it was Friday…on Saturday. So, yes, I’d say I was a little jet-lagged thanks to a long flight delay and then landing back in SF in the wee hours of the morning. I was also a little nervous about getting back in the studio; not about… read more

That place

This week I am…on vacation! Talk about lucky: My husband, daughter, and I are on a much-anticipated trip to Hawaii. You have probably already heard more than enough about the wonders of Hawaii, but one thing about it that you may not know is…it has giant snails! The giant snails represent quite well what I… read more