Archive: May 2016

The bottom line

All of the Commence pieces now have their camouflage people done and I’m just finalizing the main characters on the last few. Here’s a strange truth: I’ve never actually create a single, cohesive series of 10 or more paintings at one time before. I’ve created this many paintings, of course, but the style often had… read more


I am sad and tired. And I admit it, it’s my own fault. It’s because I decided I deserved to get into an exhibition I entered, with hundreds of artists vying for just a few spots, and then of course I didn’t happen to get in. I try my best to never fall into this… read more

It ain’t broke

This was one of those weeks where I had to drag myself through my routine. Everything felt harder than usual. And after a few days, it wasn’t getting better; it was actually getting harder. Once I got over the initial, “What’s wrong with me?” brand of negativity, I redirected that energy into trying to divine… read more

The last splinter

Phew, there was a lot of moving little wooden people around this week. First peeling these tapes with paint on them off the canvas and matching them to their wooden silhouettes. Then bringing them over to the table so I can glue them on. And then lining them up on the canvas and gluing them… read more