Archive: Apr 2016

The calm stranger

Having had very little studio time over the previous two weeks, I was prepared for it to be a bit tough getting back in there this week. But it was actually easy. This is for two reasons: I knew exactly what I would be doing and I knew why. What a luxury it is when… read more


This week I saw the light at the end of the guesswork. I completed the first two pieces from my new canvas series, and now I know how to finish all the rest. Here’s a little preview. The series will be called Commence. I went back to see when this started, and I was shocked… read more


I have been doing a lot of work this week. This time by work I mean typing, transcribing medical reports, which is a job I started doing on the side in my 20s that grew into a full-fledged business in my 30s (to my joy and consternation, and not necessarily in that order). Now, in… read more

Not watching

We returned from the visit to my mother this week, and though I was sad to go, I was very happy to get back in the studio. I focused on the works on canvas and this is the first one I feel is really done. Of course, these are backgrounds, so it’s really just this… read more

The storm

We are still out of town, and a question keeps coming up to me on this trip that seems appropriate to the season. When something new is growing in your life and you’re feeling some discomfort, or fear, how do you know when that is a sign to turn around versus a sign to keep… read more