Archive: Mar 2016

The view

I am currently on vacation, visiting my mother. This was my artistic activity for the day. I love the introspective aspect of travel: taken outside of your normal surroundings, you get to see your life with fresh perspective. Even see the sky with fresh perspective. I am keeping this short to focus on the visit,… read more

Even better

What’s even better than my letter from the President? A letter from a friend. This lovely envelope is from Mike Dyar, a mail artist who creates entirely in the realm of correspondence. I’ve greatly enjoyed exchanging mail with him over the last…wow, eight years. This piece from Mike was very welcome in a week when… read more

I can

I started this week really angry. About colors. I was working on these smaller pieces, adding their next layers, and they all started looking awful to me. Their awkward phase felt like a personal insult. I was so mad about it, and disappointed, that I could barely even look at them anymore. I know this… read more

The holes

Most of the time, I feel pretty good about my brain: it is flexible, can even be quiet now and then when asked, enjoys playing with numbers, and does a great job keeping all the random things I want to remember well sorted. Then there are days like today. I was continuing to work on… read more