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Well, this evening’s post got tangled up in technical difficulties, so I will keep it uncharacteristically brief. Enjoyed the fresh air today, which then started seeming weirdly extra fresh, and I finally realized my neighbor’s laundry vent was wafting directly into our entrance and filling it with the scent of their dryer sheets. Not quite… read more


Right now I am sitting on my front stoop, writing my blog in a notebook, but I swear this is not one of those times when I am trying to wrench a sense of accomplishment from self-created difficulty! I am doing this for a very simple reason: I. Need. More. Light. Winter + overcast +… read more

The same boat

This week I spent some time trying to figure out why I was unhappy with these new panels and realized the thread needs to be brighter. That was a nice excuse to pop into Mendel’s and get some new thread. I was surprised at how few bright colors they had, but wound up eventually finding… read more


Did you feel like hibernating this week? I know I did. It’s cold and rainy here, so even during our few daylight hours it is often dark. I was happy to have my walk every morning after dropping my daughter off at school. There’s this thing Pete Seeger said about the best cure for tiredness… read more

What’s new

Happy New Year, everyone! And thank you so much for reading this blog, whether regularly or occasionally. Your interest means the world to me and helps keep my creative wheels turning. My favorite way to spend the first day of the year is wandering around outside with my family, and we saw a few things… read more