Archive: Dec 2015

Holy moly

I experienced a little bit of magic this week when I connected with an unexpected new friend: a reverend in South Carolina. He has written a book that is about to be published and contacted me about using one of my pieces for the cover. When we discussed it, I was astonished to discover that… read more

Five or ten?

  This week started with this… Moved on to these…           I am so excited to start putting the string and people on those! But then I had to move on to this…    And a little of this…   Did you catch what was wrong with that picture? I think the meteor strike… read more

Oh, the drama

I have to tell you, I have never really known exactly how these new paintings would work. I had some vague ideas and then it was a big leap into the void. A colorful void. But I was a little nervous about taking a stab at figuring out their final step this week, the one… read more