Archive: Nov 2015

Just thanks

I’ve been lucky enough to have a nice long weekend with friends and family this week, but before the time off I had fun doing some painting and then a bit less fun doing this: Basically moving little people around and trying to see which configuration resonates. I also dropped off work for an exhibition… read more

Going right

Was it me or was this week a little weird? I kept running into people having intense problems, communication issues, and/or emotional issues. There were more loud and angry people on the bus than usual, more cars honking crazily at each other outside my flat, more chaos. In the midst of this, on Wednesday when… read more


On the walk up the steps to my daughter’s school this morning, I heard another mom explaining to her daughter: “Yes, women have been oppressed for a long, long time, but also we have been oppressing men. We have taught boys that they are not allowed to show their emotions, and you remember what we… read more


I’ve been thinking of my friend David Cunningham a lot this week. David ran a gallery for a few years, David Cunningham Projects, and that was how I met him back in 2007. He was one of those people, from the moment we met, it felt like we had always known each other, and my… read more