Archive: Oct 2015


This week I continued with the new paintings, working with this pink layer. So each painting went from something like this: To this: Here are a few more in progress: I am trying to find that wow factor in the background, the visual fireworks that makes your brain shut up. I feel like slowly layering… read more

Education and experience

I have been tied up with some challenges with my daughter’s school, and right now don’t feel capable of much writing besides, “Waaah,” or maybe “f*** this!” Not necessarily in that order. But I will spare you, and myself, and instead focus on what I have been getting done. I am really enjoying working on… read more

The big phony

I recently had a studio visit with a woman who has been collecting my work for years. She is also one of the better people I have had the good luck to meet in this world. So there was no obvious reason for me to feel the need to be anything but myself with her…. read more

The reason

This week I was very happy to sell the first two pieces from my new Cultivation series, as well as a couple of oil paintings, including this one, Compass. And I was continuing on full steam with the new backgrounds. But then a few days ago I discovered my daughter is getting targeted by an… read more