Archive: Sep 2015


I tackled photographing my own work this week, and here is an important tip I can now give you that will make your own attempts at photographing artwork easier: Have someone else do it! But seriously, if you can find someone else who knows what they’re doing, having them show you how is a huge… read more

The golden thread

I finally finished the last Cultivation piece! As usual, I was stuck because I needed to take a step back: redo the background before finalizing the people. Once I did that, everything fit together nicely. Now that I have all 15 Cultivation pieces done, I am focusing more on the All In panels, and I… read more

Spelunk, boom, hold

What a difference a change in your space can make. I felt an overwhelming urge to move things around on the “dry” (no oil painting) side of my studio this week, and after a couple of hours, I gave in to it. I now have this great central table space. This means my work in… read more

The fresh eye

I love this picture. Fifteen pieces done! Okay, I have to tell the truth: two of the ones on the floor still need their glue. I wanted to give them a couple of days to be able to see them with fresh eyes before I made them final. But even just looking at all of… read more