Archive: Aug 2015

The machine

I continued benefiting from our new schedule this week, and I am close to being done with the last Cluster pieces. I even figured out this one that I was really struggling with last week. It is very satisfying when these finally click. It reminds me of a machine. There’s this feeling as if visually… read more

The flexible rule

There were a lot of changes this week, and as often happens, many that I thought might be difficult have actually turned out to be wonderful. First, my daughter started kindergarten, which meant a bit of a schedule shift. Earlier. Bleh. But it turns out it is much easier to get her moving (and get… read more

Flattery will get you

Toward the end of high school my art teacher once said I reminded her of Georgia O’Keeffe. Inundated in the O’Keeffe flower calendars of the 80s, I wasn’t particularly flattered by this. (I had a similar calendar-based prejudice against Van Gogh until I saw his work in person, where it is undeniably stunning. It really… read more

The cat, the king, and the soldier

My daughter starts kindergarten in a week, so it seemed especially appropriate to accidentally unearth a few old drawings of mine from when I was her age. Here is one my mother saved from me at age 4: That one I drew at her work, a hair salon. She would tell me things to draw… read more