Archive: Jul 2015

That confounded bridge

I’m keeping it short this week, as I am happy to have both a preschooler who graduated today (mine) and a soon-to-be college freshman (my sister’s) at the house, ready for a much-anticipated sleepover. Sitting with these two who have each recently crossed an important threshold, it seems perfect that I too feel like I… read more

Release the silly

This week I re-engaged in my epic struggle with dozens of small wooden people. It felt very, very hard to get what seemed to be very, very little done. And then I felt very bad about myself. Sigh. This particular type of internal struggle, usually packed with some spicy self-hatred, is actually a common state… read more

The drawing board

I was really, really, really sick of looking at this piece this week. I could tell most of it was right, but it just wasn’t working. My husband, who thanks to years of living with me can now provide professional level studio critique, very nicely responded to my exasperated “Argh!” and took a look. Then… read more

The noodling

It was really satisfying getting all these backgrounds done for my 13 new All In pieces this week. Along the way I realized I have many brushes with bristles that are blown out or too soft or etc. It’s just silly. Keeping damaged brushes is an old habit that made sense back when I had… read more

The land that never has been yet

I put finishing touches on a couple of Cluster backgrounds this week: And finished placing and gluing people on a few others (which means they’re the first ones done!): This one might still need another person or two: I also added some more colors to these backgrounds for All In: I found myself more aware… read more