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I finished the mural this week! Each day was hard, with lots of uncertainties and muscle strain, but each day was also wonderful. I can’t think of much that is better than finding a challenge that scares you and taking it on. As I was working this week I wasn’t sure why I kept finding… read more

The wall

I got started on this mural this week:      These are the rough draft in chalk. It will all eventually be painted white with black outlines. And you can’t tell from these shots, but this is up a couple flights of exterior stairs, probably something like 20 feet off the ground. So when I’m… read more

You get the picture

I made lots of progress this week and then completely forgot to post earlier. When I did remember, my app kept failing, so I will take that as a sign to keep it simple this week:                  

Wild and tidy

I spent the last couple of weeks in Maryland, visiting and helping my mother. Although this trip did remind me that I don’t like clouds of gnats in my face and I am basically allergic to that part of the country, we also got to have a great time with family and friends and even… read more