Archive: May 2015

To tell you the truth

What is your purpose in life? It sounds like such an overwhelming question. But when my friend (and catalyst) Zarah recently asked me, the answer came so easily it made me laugh: To tell the truth. I am guessing you’ve experienced that alchemy that occurs when you take a question, an issue, or a project… read more

What you don’t know

I got many reminders this week of how uncomfortable it can be not knowing: from not knowing why someone is being rude to not knowing when the next train is coming. And on a far more personal level, not knowing whether my mother is safe, since she wound up in and out of the hospital… read more


When I heard about the people over at Pop Up Underground planning an exhibition on BART, I loved the idea, and I was very happy to have them include a print of my piece The Man Riding on the Train in the show. Besides enriching people’s commutes with art and music, I was impressed that… read more