Archive: Mar 2015

The good china

A week or two ago I got an interesting email from my friend Zarah: In the spirit of spring cleaning, she was inviting folks to set up appointments to call and have an informal chat with her about “what’s replaying in your life that you’d like to move through or how you’d like to get… read more

On the bias

I made some small adjustments to my studio this week, and it reminded me how much even minor changes to your space can affect your energy and mood. The new arrangement feels more open and calm, and it makes it easy for me to see people outside my window as I’m working on these new… read more

The size of it

Anselm Kiefer turned 70 this past Sunday. When I was 20, I lived in a flat in Richmond, Virginia, with no air conditioning. I have to admit this greatly contributed to the number of hours I logged at the free (and very air-conditioned) Virginia Museum. My favorite spot was in front of their Anselm Kiefer… read more