Archive: Sep 2014


This week I watched Gerhard Richter Painting, which you can stream for free on Netflix if you have it. I was prompted to watch more documentaries about artists by my “manager,” and I chose this one because I completely don’t understand and am vaguely annoyed by Richter’s scrape paintings, like the one above, where he… read more

The manager is in

Do you know this old Andy Warhol quote? “When I think about what sort of person I would most like to have on a retainer, I think it would be a boss.” I found inspiration in a surprising place this week. I was watching an old episode of Parenthood in which one of the characters,… read more

Flags are up!

All of our artist flags have gone up at 540 Laguna (at Hayes), including mine with the eyes. Each flag was done by an artist from Hayes Valley. The flags will all be up for at least the next month and possibly longer. The flag wall (and a bit of contention over its name) was… read more

Again, again

When I was around 10, one Saturday I went to the county fair with one of my best friends and we had one of those completely magical days. I don’t mean just perfect weather or a nice time with a friend, but one of those where life pulls out one really good surprise after another… read more