Archive: Aug 2014

Found #6

I was lucky enough to run across Ruth Asawa’s fountain in downtown San Francisco recently. Located on Stockton between Post and Sutter Streets, I find something new every time I look at it. Sadly, Ruth Asawa passed away in August of last year, but if you haven’t seen it already, it’s well worth checking out… read more

Flag, show, repeat

I had fun painting my flag this week. Being an oil painter, the speediness of working with acrylic was a bit strange to me, and after a couple of hours I kept touching it, making sure, “Is it really dry already? Really?” Thankfully, it was, and it is now safely in the hands of the… read more

Flag it

Apologies for the image being missing from my last post. Sadly, the app I use was malfunctioning. But the image is there now if you want to check it out. That piece and the other panels are now all done (okay, a couple still need touch up glue). I like them, even though they are… read more


Just returned from a family reunion in Colorado and love having the fresh perspective a week away gives you, both on the work in my studio and on life. I am not as enthused with the jelly my daughter left on my iPad, but so it goes. If you have to deal with messes, at… read more