Archive: May 2014

The fire

“…It’s about bringing the fire from wherever you found it to an art world that desperately needs it.” So ends Dave Hickey’s essay Nurturing Your Addictions from his most recent book, Pirates and Farmers: Essays on Taste. As always, I loved every one of Dave Hickey’s essays in this book, a number of which I… read more


I am not a big fan of women’s fashion magazines or their pretending-to-be-better-for-you sister, women’s fitness magazines. We have all heard that women who are anxious tend to buy things to calm themselves, and it always seemed to me that these magazines were designed specifically to capitalize on making women anxious. Not an industry I… read more

Found #3

Discovered this tucked away in Linden alley, between Gough and Franklin Streets, behind the SF Jazz Center. It begins: “As Ted would say, Let them go to Heaven, Or let them go to Hell, When I die I want to go to Jazz.” You can read the rest here.

The branch

In the past few weeks I have watched friends deal with what I think are some of the toughest tragedies of life: the loss of a child and the loss of a parent to Alzheimer’s. My own sadness was nothing compared to what they had to deal with, but even just in near proximity these… read more

Found #2

I love this LIZ (Living Innovation Zone) created by the Exploratorium on Market Street at Yerba Buena Lane. In my opinion, these are some of the most successful pieces of public art I’ve seen. I sat in a chair surrounded by a concrete bandshell to take this shot. The sound of the violinist sitting across… read more