Archive: Apr 2014


A few emergencies came up today, so I will just briefly say that I loved using the premixed paint. And here are a couple of the brand new ones in very early stages. To be continued…

Found #1

I won’t lie. Sometimes I really do get caught up in the post dot com San Francisco angst and complain about missing the good old days (which for me means 20 years ago). I miss when our Safeway sign was broken for what seemed like two years and just said, “Sway.” I miss the impromptu… read more

Around the block

Finally finished my sea of canvases today. Built, stretched, taped, primed, and primed again. They make the most beautiful sound, like a drum, if you hit them with a big paint brush just after stretching the canvas. Really, they are drums at that point, I guess. The one you see with a paint can on… read more