Archive: Feb 2014

God bless the carburetor

In the early 90s I got on a Greyhound headed to Washington, D.C., from Richmond, Virginia. The last person to board the bus was a woman in her sixties, petite but formidable and formally dressed. She paused at the platform next to the driver, at the very front of the bus, and at first I… read more

There there

Have you heard that old Gertude Stein quote about Oakland? “There is no there there.” Taken out of context, her statement about being unable to return to her family home (it had been demolished) was turned into a declaration of Oakland’s lack of culture. Artists Steve Gillman and Katherine Keefer made sure there is a… read more

The scoop

I broke down and got some new brushes this week. In case you can’t tell, these brushes are teensy tiny and have an enlarged grip, which is great news for big-handed me. I don’t know why I am sometimes slow to just get the correct tool for the job and persist in thinking I am… read more