Archive: Jan 2014

A is for boundaries

This week I had some trouble with boundaries. I mean literal boundaries. First, we had a burglary a couple of weeks ago, which was creepy, but then we had a second one this week. That starts getting into crazy territory. Then my husband accidentally gave his bicycle away. By which I mean he was bringing… read more

Here’s the story

I finished the first piece from my new series this week. Some other smaller ones are either done or very close to it. It feels a bit like I just climbed over a fence and now I can walk around, see what’s over here, in this place where paintings actually get done. As you may… read more

The fun ones

These little panels are staying fun, thankfully.

As expected

Over the past couple of weeks I lost some studio time to holiday and New Year activities, some planned and some not, and it reminded me that the heart of the New Year to me is all about realigning my expectations: my expectations of myself, of the people I love, and of my work. To… read more