Archive: Apr 2013

Lunch or this drawing

Here is the latest Wood & Water piece that I am working on. These are all destined to become a series of letterpress prints, and I am hoping to have ten done in the next couple of weeks. I have nine currently but a number of them need fine tuning. I am slightly embarrassed to… read more

How to tell if you’re an artist

I have thought about it a lot, and I believe I have the answer to what is the most basic requirement for being an artist (or at least what drives me): An unquenchable desire for things that do not exist. One of the earliest examples I can remember is that after seeing the movie The… read more

Why you should hide your graduate degree and burn your artist statement

I was recently re-reading some of art critic Dave Hickey’s hilariously titled Air Guitar, a book of essays on “art and democracy.” If you are an artist or just interested in art and culture, I would highly recommend it. Dave Hickey retired the end of last year, apparently in disgust at how stupid (his word)… read more