Archive: Feb 2013

Seed pattern

Here is the start of one of the new pieces. Lots going on. A detail of one of the most fun, messy bits. Thus far I keep focusing on this guy, so I am going to develop him first. I am still obsessed with these seed patterns that started with The Desire Machine in my… read more

Being done

I think this might actually be done, which would be a nice surprise. I will let it sit for a day or two and see if it continues to feel resolved. It is an odd sensation, knowing when a piece is done. It can be disappointing to go in and realize you were wrong, it… read more

Latex and oil on linen

I started painting again in early January and now have about 16 pieces in progress. I’ve decided to begin each piece with latex, something I had started doing with my last series, and then work oil on top of it. I love the contrast between the flatness of the latex and the depth of oil,… read more